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A toddler girl sits on a stool while wearing a hand-embroidered mauve pullover with her name "Stella Jade" on the front in cursive.
Baby with black hair wearing a neutral colored pullover with name embroidered on the front.

About honey moon baby co.

At Honey Moon Baby Co, we're on a mission to create meaningful baby clothes that you will treasure long after they have been outgrown (which we know happens all too fast.) From our embroidered items, which are lovingly stitched by hand, to our curated collection of baby goods that have been chosen with you in mind, our hope is that these pieces bring beauty to your baby's everyday moments and milestones alike.

Founder and her baby Darcy in black and white
Founder and her husband posing in front of a lake

Our story

Hi! I’m Molly– wife and mama and (though I never saw it coming) founder of Honey Moon Baby Co.

I wish I had the space here to tell you the whole story of how Honey Moon came to be, but the abbreviated version is this: I started a baby shop in the middle of a difficult season of recurrent pregnancy loss.

I had previously taught myself to embroider in the early days of my 3rd pregnancy by practicing baby names that my husband and I liked on little cotton onesies®. We couldn’t help but be hopeful that things would be different that time around– that we’d get to meet our baby– and there was just something about the idea of making a gift for our little one by hand that felt so special to me.

Ultimately, we would lose that pregnancy and the one that followed, but I was determined to keep my heart from growing bitter– to celebrate life while we waited with hope for a baby. So I continued to embroider, this time stitching gifts for friends who were expecting. And after a few gentle nudges from others, I decided to open an Etsy shop, though I was sure that nothing would come of it.

Three months later, I was able to quit my job as a high-school English teacher to pursue this business full time, and Honey Moon has only grown since.

It has been– and continues to be– such a gift to be able to celebrate your life’s most special moments with you, even in the smallest of ways.

Baby photo of Darcy, the founder's child, wearing a hand-embroidered bodysuit in cream color.

And the best part of all: I finally got to stitch the dearest item to date– a going home outfit for our son, Darcy.

I hope you know how truly meaningful each and every order is to me. Because of you, I now get to stay at home with our boy and soak in every precious moment as he grows. I couldn't dream up a better life if I tried. “Thank you” doesn’t even begin to cover it, but thank you all the same— I’m truly so honored to get to do this work and so, so grateful that you’re here.